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Aug 5

2022 Contract Update #5

2022 No. 5 – August 5, 2022

You are reading the fifth Contract Update produced and distributed by the NPMHU during the course of 2022 negotiations. These updates, along with the Union’s magazine and monthly bulletins, will keep mail handlers throughout the country informed and involved in the issues raised during this round of bargaining.

     After almost one month, bargaining between the NPMHU and the Postal Service continues in full force. As of now, the NPMHU and USPS have met for five main table bargaining sessions and numerous subcommittee meetings.

     While the main table meetings represent the most important part of contract negotiations, the subcommittee meetings remain an invaluable medium for addressing individual issues and topics. At the commencement of contract negotiations, both parties agreed to subcommittees to handle MHA topics, Article 12, Group Leaders and 204Bs, MOUs, Article 32, and Article 11.  Each subcommittee considers relevant proposals and creates a much more productive narrative at the main table.

     To date, the NPMHU has presented the Postal Service with over 70 proposed changes to the National Agreement, ranging from Articles 1-17, 24, and 26. These proposals aim to address many of the issues that the NPMHU is determined to address in the new agreement. This includes the use of 204Bs, MHA issues, and subcontracting or outsourcing. The Negotiations Team is confident that these proposed changes address the prevailing issues that affect all Mail Handlers.

     The NPMHU Negotiations team has also received a few proposals on behalf of USPS management. While these changes are few in comparison with what the NPMHU Negotiations Team has submitted, they embody the changes that management hopes to implement. The Postal Service’s proposed changes aim to cut the cost of USPS operations at the facility level.

     As both parties move deeper into the negotiation process, formal stipulations are being discussed at the main table and in subcommittees. While the Negotiations Team plans to submit more proposals, its attention has turned to fighting hard to ensure that its present proposals are accepted by USPS. The details of each proposal are now taking center stage and proposals are being discussed at length and negotiated by both sides.

     Of utmost importance to the Negotiations Team are issues addressing 204Bs. A preponderance of the proposals submitted by the NPMHU hope to curb the use of 204Bs and to prevent inexperienced and newly hired MHAs from attaining 204B status in their first year.  Similarly, the Negotiations Team has suggested that the use of Group Leaders within the Mail Handler craft be increased in order to reduce the use of 204Bs

     Similarly, the Negotiations Team has prioritized proposals affecting MHAs and recently converted full-time career employees, including better pay and the repair of the wage scales that have adversely affected MHAs and those on the lower end of the wage scale.

     As the NPMHU gathers in Denver for its delayed—but not denied—National Convention, main table bargaining has temporarily been suspended. However, even as key National Officers gather in Denver, subcommittee meetings and off-the-record negotiations continue. The Negotiations Team plans on continuing these fruitful discussions while the NPMHU hosts its National Convention.

     Although President Hogrogian is simultaneously serving as Chairman of the National Convention and the NPMHUs chief spokesperson in bargaining, he remains intimately involved in the details of contract negotiations. Similarly, the entire Negotiations Team is committed to continuing bargaining at full force.

  As the NPMHU and USPS continue negotiations, please watch your bulletin boards for the latest information!

2022 No. 5 – August 5, 2022 (pdf)


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