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Aug 8

NPMHU Convention Kicks-off in Denver, Colorado

After two years of postponement during the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union has gathered in Denver, Colorado for its delayed—but not denied—2020 National Convention. Since the beginning of August, members of the NPMHU National Office have been in Denver preparing for the arrival of delegates. The Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver has been abuzz with NPMHU staff preparing the hotel and satellite offices for a fruitful meeting. These staff members have worked tirelessly to unload boxes, prepare convention material, and do all in their power to ensure that the National Convention is enjoyable and productive. Their dedication and perseverance do not go unappreciated.

Next, the National Executive Board met on August 3 and 4 to finalize preparations for the NEB’s role at the Convention. These meetings also served as the NEB’s quarterly session. After their meeting, the National Executive Board was fully prepared to embark on a fantastic National Convention.

Following the NEB meetings, members of the different convention committees began to arrive. Although the committees have been meeting since June, these on-site meetings allowed committee members to resolve any last-minute questions and finalize their reports. The Credentials Committee was the first to meet on August 5, with another meeting on August 7. After two years of delay and the residual effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Credentials Committee has processed many delegate changes. These meetings finalized all of the last-minute delegate changes before the Credentials Committee approved its initial report.

The Constitution Committee prepared for the many hours of discussion that will occur on the Convention floor in the upcoming days.  It not only reviewed the Committee’s recommended amendments to the National and Uniform Local Union Constitutions, but also prepared to field questions about those proposals and those that were not recommended. With major changes occurring in the Union and the Postal Service, the Constitution Committee is well prepared to bring the NPMHU’s constitutions into a new era.

On August 6, the Rules Committee met to approve the rules and regulations that will guide the Convention and ensure that all the delegates are heard freely and fairly. The Legislative and Resolutions Committee also met that day to review the NPMHU’s legislative and political agenda for the forthcoming Convention. Like the other committees, these two committees have been meeting for months and are eager to advocate for the NPMHU’s interests to the members of Congress and the public at-large.

By Sunday, August 7, delegates from all over the country began to arrive in Denver. Many members who had longed for the camaraderie of their long-distance brothers and sisters got the opportunity to embrace for the first time in six years! Registration ran smoothly, and by dinner time, most of the Convention’s delegates had been registered.

Keen observers will notice that this year’s Convention uses much less paper. In addition to their “swag bags,” delegates received a brand-new iPad which they will use to access the Convention schedule and committee reports. The NPMHU National Convention has gone digital!

Although the road to this Convention has been long and arduous, delegates and NPMHU staff are confident that this Convention will be a great one. The ability of the National Office and the Local Unions to convene in this national gathering is a testament to the strength of the NPMHU and Mail Handlers everywhere!



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